ExtravOrganza Fabric Sheets - Silk Maximize

ExtravOrganza Fabric Sheets - Silk

100% silk semi -transparent computer printer fabric sheets for use with inkjet printers and inkjet copiers.

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Elegant semi-transparent silk sheets for inkjet printing. Works with all inkjet printers. ExtravOrganza allows you to layer transparent images over photos without blocking the background. These sheets of fabric are paper backed so that they will easily go through your inkjet printer. Load one sheet at a time (always good to test layout on paper first). Just peel the fabric from the paper backing. If the item is to be rinsed, a drying time of 24 hours is recommended. Easy attachment to project using sewing or vellum tape or glue dots (not included). For use with inkjet printers and inkjet copiers.

  • Print from your inkjet printer or inkjet copier. For variety, stamp a background pattern on the fabric sheet before your print your text.
  • Peel the fabric off of the paper backing.
  • Fringe the cut edges of the organza for added texture and paint if desired.
  • Attach the fabric with vellum tape, or by pressing lightly into a painted background that is still tacky to the touch.
  • Package contains five 8 1/2" x 11" sheets.

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