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Sweetheart Rose Maker

Create beautiful roses with just a few twists using this magical plate with your favorite fabric remnants! Available in 3 sizes. VIDEO to view, too.

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Create beautiful roses with just a few twists. A magical plate that helps you create beautiful roses with your favorite fabric remnants! Perfect for home decor, accessories and scrapbooking.

Place the fabric in between the two patterns. Fold according to the symbols on the pattern and sew. Remove the pattern, twist fabric into a circle and sew. The gathers create natural-looking soft rose petals. Let your imagination flow and design wonderful, original creations. Available in 3 sizes.

  • Finished size: small 1 5/8".
  • Finished size: medium 2".
  • Finished size: large 2 3/8".


Watch the two videos from Clover on how to use the Sweetheart Rose Maker.

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