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Colour Streams Silk Threads - Russet 29

29-Russet - These silk threads are hand dyed by Christine Scott in Australia. Ophir sample shown for color.

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  • Silken Strands 6-Ply Thread
  • Ophir Silk Thread - Most popular!
  • 4mm Silk Ribbon
  • 7mm Silk Ribbon
  • 13mm Silk Ribbon
  • Silk/Rayon Velvet
  • Habotai Silk


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Fifty-two colors are available in the following 14 products that are all coordinated to match. These silk threads, silk ribbons, shimmer tapes and fabrics are hand dyed by Christine Scott in Australia.

THREADS: Ophir sample shown for color.

  • Silken Strands: 100% silk, 6-strand soft silk thread, low luster, high twist, easily split, 6 meters. Suitable for a variety of uses.
  • Silk Floss: 100% silk, 6-strand soft silk thread, high luster, low twist, easily split, 6 meters. Gives a smooth satin finish in embroidery.
  • Ophir: 100% silk, 1000 denier silk buttonhole twist, comparable to perle 8, high luster, high twist, 15 meters. Suitable for all embroidery and excellent for hand quilting. MOST POPULAR!
  • Exotic Lights: 100% silk, comparable to perle 3, medium luster, high twist, 8 meters. Suitable for creating texture and dimensional embroidery.
  • Aurora: 100% silk, comparable to perle 1, high luster, medium twist, 6 meters. Suitable for cords, couching and dimensional embroidery.

RIBBONS: Ribbon sample shown for color.

  • 4mm Silk Embroidery Ribbon: 100% silk, 3 meters.
  • 7mm Silk Embroidery Ribbon: 100% silk, 2 meters.
  • 13mm Silk Embroidery Ribbon: 100% silk, 1 meter.
  • Shimmer Tape: rayon/metallic hollow knitted tube, 23 colors are available, 5 meters.


FABRICS: Wool Felt sample shown for color.

  • Silk/Rayon Velvet: silk/rayon (pile is rayon, back is silk), high luster, soft drape, 30cm x 26cm.
  • Habotai Silk: 100% silk, extremely soft, smooth, also known as China silk, 30cm x 28cm.
  • Crinkle Silk Chiffon: 100% silk, finely crinkled, lightweight, 30cm x 26cm when stretched.
  • Silk Organza: 100% silk, very sheer, 30cm x 26cm.
  • Wool Felt: 100% wool, heavy, 30cm x 30cm.



  • Products available to order are currently in stock. All of these 14 products (shimmer tape has only 23 colors available) are available in all of the colors. We're constantly adding to our inventory. Please inquire if we do not have the color in the product that you want at this time. We'll be happy to add it to our next order.
  • 1 meter = 39.37 inches
  • 30 centimeters (cm) = 11.81 inches

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