Mrs. Meanie is Unhinged


Rather than just telling her to put a sock in it, I felt that moving this particular question and answer to a separate page was more appropriate...

On January 15, 1998, someone asked Mrs. Meanie "Mrs. Meanie, does Mr. Meanie stitch?"

and she answered

"Now then, if you have in mind as a purpose, to take one of those LONG HARD things with the ONE EYE that cannot see, and make a penetrating movement in and out, thru a small orifice, sometimes resulting in a PRICK, then all I shall say is this.  Well now, look closely at my face.  Does it look like the face of a woman who would allow a man to handle such a potentially dangerous weapon?"

If you've read through this column, you'd know that with her biting sense of humor Roxanne wouldn't mind me announcing her death like this.

 "Mrs. Meanie has expired."

Roxy, Rest in peace, my friend.