Elaine Van Dusen

...lives in Jeffersonville, VT, USA.  Contact her at Quilts By Elaine, elaine@quiltsbyelaine.com.

Rings of Romance


38" X 31"


This hand quilted wall hanging is created with squares and rectangles of quality 100% cotton.  Victorian print and solid fabrics alternate in interlocking circles forming the Cane Weave pattern.  The center of each circle contains Hardanger embroidery, a geometric form of stitching based on the number four.  This type of embroidery combines Satin Stitch, Cutwork, Drawnwork and Needleweaving to create a beautiful intricate look.  Each of the six Hardanger centers are hand stitched by Terry Ladue.  To complete the wall hanging and add dimension to the piece, a design of delicate stitches are hand quilted on the background fabric.  Each unique quilt is created using your choice of three different fabrics, ensuring a Rings of Romance quilt that will compliment your home or office decor.

Price:  $425 including shipping

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